Far Cry 6

This is going to be my next game. I can’t play it yet though. Since ubisoft is not releasing on steam in favor of epic and it’s own store, I decided to get a shady ebay key. The description said if I purchased before 6pm uk time, I’d be emailed the key in under an hour. But it’s 11:10pm in the uk right now. So in the meantime I’m just going to play a little more of cyberpunk until my key arrives…also I’m going to have to pretend to be uk citizen while I play it because the key is only valid in uk or europe. I just changed my vpn to uk and made a new uplay account. And also will have to make sure that anytime I’m connected to uplay it’s via uk. So yeah if you’re going to play this game, get a shady ebay key or play on a console.

I like to give Ubisoft all my money

A lot of those shops buy keys from the publisher. That’s why I always use ebay when I want to punish bad behaviour.

So yeah I’ve been playing this for the past few days. If you like farcry games you auto-like this one. I’m running at almost max settings (only one thing not ultra) at 2160p>60. I didn’t even turn amd’s jank ver of dlss that’s just a post effect that doesn’t work…which begs the question, why no dlss? The game is very very pretty.

Will post more later.

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Oh, the only shit thing is the cut scenes are 30fps. It’s really jarring, and looks comically shit in contrast to a normal frame rate.

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Beat this last night. It’s another Far Cry game. Like I said, you like Far Cry, you like this game.

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I need more time in between Ubisoft series because every game in the series feels exactly the same. If they were really short maybe I’d feel differently

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Yup, every IP they have is a “copy/paste the prequel” with a slight change in the environment.

I got bored of UBI games generally. No innovations, nothing new, same old, same old.