Far Cry New Dawn

This is my next game. Running at max settings at 1440p>60 (usually >80). It doesn’t let you use nvidia’s DSR but it does have it’s own internal version…however if I set the scale >1.0 then I sometimes get fps under 60.

It’s more Far Cry, I don’t think I need to explain anything. It’s good fun so far, will post more later!

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I suspect they added in a bunch of extra pink at the last moment to poke fun at rage 2 lol.

Also sniper grandma ftw!

you enjoying it? I assume it’s more Far Cry, but anything stand out as a plus? I have been a huge series fan since part 1, completed all of them, most recently part 5 with @ShiftySatchmo. Just wondering if you’re enjoying it enough to see it through.

If it wasn’t good enough to beat I would have returned it <2hrs in. It’s a mix of fc5 with a new tone. Basically instead of hillbilly bad guys it’s rapper thugs. I’ve only done a couple story missions and have been completing all the side shit before I push the story forward. So I don’t know a heck of a lot about the plot so far.

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Beat it last night. Recommended if you played 5, otherwise there’s no enough there.