Final Fantasy 16

Well, I finished FFXVI. Great game! Awesome music, great story, great combat, a bit linear but not every game has to be open world.

There are a few things that I didn’t like. Side quests, the way they used to scale the resolution to keep the framerate high and the missing RPG aspect in a FF game.

  • Side quests are really bad. Boring, give no notable progress story or xp wise. They are just…there. I hated them.
  • Don’t know what type of FSR they used but in some instances, the game’s resolution was really bad. I’m talking about pixelated bad. It didn’t destroy my experience with the game but it was notable.
  • The game is not a RPG. I expected it to be one, since it’s Final Fantasy but it is not. Crafting is useless, collecting materials is useless and you are not really getting stronger with these items. It’s all about the ability points and you are not getting those enough to be THAT powerful. This is something they should fix in FF17. If they want to make an action adventure game, maybe make a new IP?

All in all, I think FF16 is one of the best FF games there is. Definitely deserves some of the awards.


Can you turn fsr off? Can you turn dlss on?

It’s a playstation 5 exclusive. The only thing you can turn on is motion blur.

Maybe by the time I get to it, it will be ported to pc.

They confirmed it will be on PC. They expect to be done developing it for PC Q1 2024