Final Fantasy XV 25% off

I got this email from Intel and have no interest in the game and I thought one of you may want to use it. The code is in the picture.

pre ordered long ago :frowning:

Interesting that it’s a deal for a “pre order” but the code works a week after launch. If someone does use this code they should wait and see how the port is before they buy it.

shiftysatchmo There is a demo. They can try it now.

katsuo pffff a demo they polished up to trick AMD users

katsuo to quote gord0 “[expletive] [expletive] don’t [expletive] pre [expletive] order…[expletive].”

shiftysatchmo preordering games is the same as hitting puppies. Terrible and should be banned by law. Whoever preorders games should be punished by making them lick fresh urinated public toilet for the next 20 years.

katsuo You realize if they did that they wouldnt live 20 years… and said punishment would be condeming them to death :stuck_out_tongue:

sir_diealot Far Cry cover ripoff

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syncrosis Huh?

sir_diealot it reminds me of a far cry cover. The last few have the same outline

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syncrosis Oh okay. I have not been a fan of the Farcry series, I have 3 and it bored me.