Finally escaped the FX and DDR3 Platform!

Finaly got myself on a R7 DDR4 platform and I am honestly in shock and awe for the first time in a long while over a cpu! Took 3.8Ghz @ 1.225v no problem as well as clocking my GSkill Aegis CL16 3000s to their rated settings with no issues what so ever. All this was popped into a ASUS ROG Strix B350-F and I am very happy with it outside the sad fact that unlike my ASUS 970 Pro Gaming the ROG Strix B350-F’s m.2 and sata 5 and 6 share the bandwith so with my m.2 I lost two storage devices. . . Not a huge deal I am just going to work on getting a pair of really solid 2TB HHDs to replace one of my 120GB SSDs and my 1TB WD Black. Fastest system by far I have ever owned and I can say for a fact outside watching reviews and reading that these are BOSS cpus. Its one thing to hear it but a completely different one to actually try it out.Untitled%2079


Nice, that will be a sweet upgrade!

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There are wispers from a good friend who says there might be a 980 Ti coming my way, that would top me out with no need for any upgrades for 2ish years outside 2 more sticks of ram (hoping to review some now so purchasing might not be needed. . .) and 2 2TB HHDs. . .

Can say I am very pleased with AMD once again they did a damn good job here.

You can also see my old FX 8350 scores there on the Cinebench list for clear upto 4.6ghz it got smashed by the R7 1700 even at stock let alone OCed

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