For Honor: A little more extended review

Played online with a friend in 2v2 duel mode tonight vs randoms. It was a perfect experience. No connection issues, no lag, no problems at all. We had some epic matches and comebacks and won most of them. Had a lot of fun and continue to enjoy my progression as I get better in this game. So far I like using the viking with the spear and shield. She’s quick and nimble so I dodge in and out a lot like in Bloodborne. Anyways, I’ll say it again, I suggest giving this a second chance. I feel like it’s trendy to hate on Ubi so people do it a lot when in reality they make a lot of amazing games, despite some of their shenanigans. I can deal with the things people don’t like about them for games like FarCry 4, For Honor, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and plenty others. Anyways, the more I play this game the more I enjoy it, so yay!

Your friend is Egin3rd :wink:

ShiftySatchmo he doesn’t come on here so I didn’t feel the need to tag him lol

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sYnCroSis k buy me this game

ShiftySatchmo if you want it to be your birthday present for this year I could

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sYnCroSis haha nah too early and I was just joking. I need to wait and see if I have time in a month or two

ShiftySatchmo good, then the price will go down

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Good then I will wait too.