I’ve been playing this for about a week now. Running at 2160p>60 (usually >70, Balanced DLSS, FSR off). With mostly max settings. It’s not very optimized, but it can be made playable. It’s pretty good so far. There’s also a fuck ton one can do before being required to progress the main story. Will post more later!


Oh, if you want distances to be metric, you can toggle between freedom units and metric in the accessibility menu…which is odd, preferred units of measure aren’t related to a disability. The majority of the planet uses metric. It shouldn’t default to freedom units.

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Just so you guys know how un-optimized this game is, I’m visiting my father this weekend with his shitty ass 720p tv. There’s no combination of graphics settings that will allow my laptop to play this game in a playable manor. My laptop has an 8th gen intel i7 (forget which one), a 2070 variant (forget which), 16gb ram (forget specs). The frame rate is fine, but the frame pacing is garbage. You need high end shit for this game…at the time of typing.

I’ll play it whenever the price drops to like 10 bucks. The demo was really a snoozefest.

Scratch my previous post. My dad’s tv is dying. Last night, since I thought this laptop couldn’t play the game, I bought EverSpace 2. It had the exact problem. I then switched back to the laptop display (1080p 144hz) and everything was fine. So I’m redownloading Forspoken to verify. My dad also has slow internet, It’s going to be a few hours.

Definitely the tv. I haven’t tried Forspoken again, but we’re trying to watch netflix with the same issue,

So the “Standard” preset works good on my laptop at 1080p and with a framerate mostly above 60.

Ahhh good to know

I finally beat it…well I “beat” it on monday, but there was a decent chunk of stuff to do post-credits. Not 100%, steam says 92% as far as achievements go. Steam says I played over 200hrs, my save file says somewhere in the 190s. The game does have some flaws, but for me it felt easy to overlook them.
Recommended! I hope the haters don’t stop a sequel from happening.

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