Forza Horizon 4

So this is my next game! Running at max settings at 2645p>60 (usually >70, DSR 2160p, HDR on). It’s arcade racing that looks pretty. If you like arcade racing, you like this game.


Jesus christ they still want 70 euros for that game. That’s rude.


Very rude. especially if you are more into sim racing and want a real Forza. Somehow they forgot they have that.

I mean, you can play the sim even now through game pass. They put Horizon on Steam mostly because its the popular Forza and more people would buy that instead of Motorsport. No way in hell I would give 70 euros for any of them considering they’re both almost 4 years old.

But game pass

Dunno, I bought it for 14 euros + DLCs back before game pass was a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m waiting for a sale. I figure it will drop.

Damn this game is packed full of content!

Reached Lego world yet?

what is happening here



But yes, lego world is fun.

Hahahahah, I was like, what in the world is he posting :rofl:

but to your credit, clicking on one of you links did send me down a you tube rabbit hole where I discovered some amazing drum covers. :grinning:

I was in the too drunk to play but not too drunk to watch music videos phase.

Here’s another amazing thing. Not a drum cover but amazing performance. He doesn’t use triggers and all of this was improvised.

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I think I beat it. There’s no credits roll but I’ve completed everything except any mp stuff. They really packed this game full of content, highly recommended!


I got the game as it was on sale this weekend!

Wow, you are right gord0 this game is chock full of content. almost overwhelmingly so.

Reminds me of the Crew 2, with stunningly better graphics and without that stupid change into an airplane while driving mechanic.

First impression was really really good!