Forza Horizon 5

Of course it can. You just have to believe.

I believe it would roll over a hundred people before slowing down to 200 :smiley:

Remember when you could play a racing game and race right away instead of wasting 30 min on stupid intro crap and dialogue that you can’t skip? Remember?!

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Yes that was annoying in Horizon 4 and did the same again. how did i missed that? i raged during that already :smiley:

You people really like to complain about everything


The game is pretty fun. Definitely more arcade than sim, but I hate thinking and being good at things so arcade is my jam.


It can be fixed with a skip button, not a big ask

It happens once in the game and never again…

My life happens once too so I don’t want to waste 30 min of it

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I’ve wasted 30 minutes of life on things far less fun than a game intro. :smiley:

Btw, I have been trying to make a livery. Here is my version, so far, of chitty chitty bang bang.


I saw you have the delorean. I want it too!

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I have chitty chitty bang bang, the Delorean from back to the future, a GMC Van with the Mystery Machine livery, and Herbie. :smiley:

oh, and that mustang that Steve Mcqueen drove


This is my next game! Running maxed out at 2160p>60. HDR+RTX looks really nice! What can I say, it’s more horizon. Will post more later.

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I think microsoft has been drinking too much woke juice:

( i have hdr enabled so the screenshot colors are wrong)