Forza Horizon 5

This game is great. Been playing it nonstop since Friday.

Its just like FH4, only better. The graphics are better, the menus are more intuitive, the whole system is the same but been tweaked slightly so its easier to understand. The setting is great, there is more variety in Mexico than there was in the UK version.

Plainly said, its part sim if you want it to be that, part arcade, if you’d rather play that way, part competition, part exploration, part battle royale, part solo, part groupable, part quest driven, part story driven, but mainly…
just plain fun.


Looked fun! I always play racing games for an hour or two, have a blast, and then forget I have them.

It’s not a shooter so it’s obviously a 1/10

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True! What happened to twisted metal?

They are making a TV show out of it. Isn’t that what you wanted???

@teh_g they are talking about something off topic in my thread!



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Our discussion was rooted in Forza! Don’t make me edit your post to say how much you love Twisted Metal and Hallmark Christmas movies!

eeep! :speak_no_evil:

shuts up

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Is it more arcade-style or like a sim?



It’s like FH4 only better

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What they said.

Its really arcade like on the surface. If you want to play it without worrying about tuning cars, etc, you can do that. Jump your car off a mountain, fly 1500 feet and land and all you see is a busted tail light and damage does not affect the driving of the car a bit.

If you want to go a bit further though, its there. You can go in and upgrade tons of different parts on your car, from changing an air filter for more hp, to swapping the entire engine or drivetrain. If you don’t want to be in depth about which parts to switch out, you can hit auto upgrade, tell it what your target power is, and it will calculate the parts you need for you.

If thats not enough, then you can get into the tuning screens. Thats really sim like, where you can adjust tire pressures, cambers, springs, all sorts of things, kinda like in Dirt Rally. And what you adjust does affect how the car drives.

So the beauty of this system is that you can play it whichever way you want, and still have fun. Its not that its more arcade style or more like a sim… its more that its whichever way YOU make your version of it, and it works either way.


After playing it 3-4 hours with the torrent version i have a couple of thoughts, tips, rants and praises:

  • If you have a have 100+ GB SSD, install the game on it because loading times are still shit.
  • The opeening cutscenes are still horrible, still 30 fps and still unskippable.
  • For my taste it is a very casual/arcade racing game. I like the Motorsport series better.
  • Yes there are car setup options but it is only for the show, the car is still 95% the same even if you ruin the setup.
  • The terrain interaction with the car what makes this game feel like an arcade game…and of course the unrealistic speeds.
  • Why on earth is still the imperial system the default setting for a racing game. 98% of the population uses the metric system ffs.
  • The game is well balanced and the graphic settings allow you to play this game 60+ fps on a fairly avarage pc as well. Big points from my 6 years old setup.
  • I am all in for human rights and representation of all races/religions/sex etc. but when i cant even find a normal looking white guy for my avatar, i feel like this is very counter productive.
  • The open world is amazing, but still feels empty for some reason.
  • Because it is a codex version i cant say anything about multi functions, events or ingame store.
  • Racing is very fun andd enjoyable, very cinematic.
  • Lastly, this is still 75% arcade if you ask me @teh_g

it looks like i have more problem with the game, but it is still a preetty good racing game and well recommended for everybody.

Oh my, these auto drifts are driving me crazy. is there a setting to turn these off? This is not how a car should behave :smiley:

Damn, i was a bit drunk when trying it out late at night, but i stand behind 50% of what i said :smiley: The game is good, but i like motorsport better. Casual racing gamers will love it.

Being a casual racing gamer myself, I’ll admit, my opinions are probably skewed a bit that way. While I see all the tuning stuff in there, I don’t go any further than upgrading/changing stuff just to make it match what the challenges want.

The more I play, the more I see also what you are talking about, about the car going over any terrain, going unheard of speeds and handling ok, and jumping 1500 ft in the air and coming out with a busted tail light.

I am completely ok with that stuff, but the pure sim crowd probably wouldn’t like it as much.

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what do you mean?

Are you saying that the Senna can’t reach 350km/h IRL?

I say a Jeep cant turn 250km/h and make three overtakes on the streets:D