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Assassin’s Creed Unity goes free in honour of Notre-Dame

Assassin’s Creed Unity is free to grab now (and keep forever) until Thursday, April 25th. Snag it here on the Ubisoft Store or via Uplay.


Thanks for the heads up. Picking it up right now.

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Best intro to an AC game followed by a lot of sadness, but I still want to beat it

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Awesome thanks for the heads up, i’m grabbing mine right now

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I believe it’s the only ac game I haven’t played. Thanks for the headsies up.

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Can’t wait to get it and never play it


Thanks, added it to the collection.

Steep is free right now on Uplay


Neat. Always wanted to try that one.

It’s pretty cool and challenging.

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Sorry I missed this one, it is one I really wanted to try.

Free trial until October, already downloading AC Origins and Odyssey, challenge accpeted to finish all the games which was on my Uplay wishlist in a month.


Signed up for the free trial my self downloading Division 2 lol

I’ll subscribe when breakpoint comes out.