Freebies for my brother

My brother is finally getting into PC gaming. All of his stuff comes Monday, so I’m surprising him with a nice arsenal of starter games. I am giving him a bunch of keys I had lying around, wondering if any of you chaps wouldn’t mind refreshing/sharing what you have collecting dust as well?

I know the pages are out there, but some list in different categories, different titles like “free” or “bundle”, and it would make life a heck of a lot easier if you brought to my attention what’s out there that you’re giving away.

Thanks in advance, he’s gonna be psyched!


Be careful, you might scare him away. Most keys kickin’ around are for shit games.

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What games does he like?

Does an xbox controller exist in the surprise package?

Josh I have most of the past year of humble stuff if he wants.

Is it Nate or Dave? Tell them to friend me on Steam if they haven’t already (I think I am friends with Nate already) and l just buy them something good.


He has an Xbox and PS controller for it

you have a list somewhere?

pretty much anything

Please teach him when to use the right tool. Gamepad vs kb+m.

Already covered it. ONLY use Gamepad for FPS and Strategy games, check


Gamepad is a must for RTS, yep

Uhh I have my post here with some games. I think I have a key for Sonic Mania if you think he’d want it.

Getting xbox game pass ultimate might also be a cool idea?

I have these unclaimed games on HB but idk if the keys still work.

Hyper Light Drifter
The Bard’s Tale
Tormentor X Punisher
Uurnog Uurnlimited

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He has that - he remembered after he bought and activated Gears 5 LOL


Ah Gears 5. A game where I bought it with the console and forgot about it because I don’t know why.

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