Friend's build

So one of my old friend asked me to build him a budget pc around 300 euros. I started to look at prices and the stores. How budget is a i3-7100 and a gtx 1050ti 4gb? With 8 gb ram, a 450 W psu, and a basic h110 micro atx motherboard. Sadly here in Hungary, the new amd cards are rare and usually a bit more expensive than i would love to. Also we are thinking about a used a gtx 970 which is waaay better but the cpu will surely bottleneck that. So any thoughts? Who has an i3? Is it good for 1080p gaming? I never owned one.

The g4560 is pretty sweet for 1080p gaming for a budget CPU. What I’m currently running and running ultra 1080p on everything with the rx480.