funny spam message


I love reading some of the spam messages that I get. This one made me giggle.


I’m a hacker who cracked your email and device a few months ago.
You entered a password on one of the sites you visited, and I intercepted it.
This is your password from <my_email> on moment of hack: loveday-usa

Of course you can will change it, or already changed it.
But it doesn’t matter, my malware updated it every time.

Do not try to contact me or find me, it is impossible, since I sent you an email from your account.

Through your email, I uploaded malicious code to your Operation System.
I saved all of your contacts with friends, colleagues, relatives and a complete history of visits to the Internet resources.
Also I installed a Trojan on your device and long tome spying for you.

You are not my only victim, I usually lock computers and ask for a ransom.
But I was struck by the sites of intimate content that you often visit.

I am in shock of your fantasies! I’ve never seen anything like this!

So, when you had fun on piquant sites (you know what I mean!)
I made screenshot with using my program from your camera of yours device.
After that, I combined them to the content of the currently viewed site.

There will be laughter when I send these photos to your contacts!
BUT I’m sure you don’t want it.

Therefore, I expect payment from you for my silence.
I think $864 is an acceptable price for it!

Pay with Bitcoin.
My BTC wallet:

If you do not know how to do this - enter into Google “how to transfer money to a bitcoin wallet”. It is not difficult.
After receiving the specified amount, all your data will be immediately destroyed automatically. My virus will also remove itself from your operating system.

My Trojan have auto alert, after this email is read, I will be know it!

I give you 2 days (48 hours) to make a payment.
If this does not happen - all your contacts will get crazy shots from your dark secret life!
And so that you do not obstruct, your device will be blocked (also after 48 hours)

Do not be silly!
Police or friends won’t help you for sure …

p.s. I can give you advice for the future. Do not enter your passwords on unsafe sites.

I hope for your prudence.


I want to pay for those photos!


I can’t wait to laugh at the photos!


If you pay me enough I’ll send you some photos :wink:

So much laughing will happen.


I got the same email stuck in my box-trapper a week ago. It was for an email who’s mailbox hasn’t existed since at least 2010 and only existed as a forwarder to my main email. The password they claimed was “temp01”. They claimed they gained access between July and now… since I’d only use a password like that on a sketchy site and the email hadn’t been used in years, it was obvious immediately they were full of shit. Though for a moment I was thrown off by the actually good grammar.


I actually got an email with my phone number XXXXXXX - last three digits correct… so I figured they tried to access a site that required to send to my phone… and those only show the last 3 digits… it was funny too, since it liked my taste in websites :rofl:


I have the photos


Always a good laugh when I get those.


I did get another version that actually had a really old password I used (prior to the random password days), so they must just be sending out emails using one of the many password dumps that is out there.


I got a similar email at one point but the info he sent was wrong by far I got a good giggle out of it.




That’s the most anime email address I’ve ever seen ever


Google Translate is not your friend.

Prof. X



And I was expecting Nigerian prince somewhere between the lines. :smiley:


Now I know how to reply to an email. Thanks, Mr. Stewart!