Future Upgrade & Your Thoughts/Opinions.

I have started a savings account original goal was a new GPU and $150 to get it with… However I sit here on a A8-7670k GPU Quadcore and know I could probally get alot better then this Godavari in performance. I see time and time again where AMD users are swaping to Intel… and I have yet to experience that ship or do so… So I ask, what is your opinions and suggestions. I have been seriously thinking about Skylake though I would need new ram where as the Intel i3 - i5 or i7 Socket 1150 would be able to use my current ram… same goes for FX series. I know I could squeeze more life out of my GPU if I went with a CPU/MOBO update especally if I decided to go intel with all its increased performance and less heat.

My current build is as follows.


A8-7670k Cpu
ASUS A88X-Gamer Motherboard
Ripjaws X - 16gb 1866mhz 4x4gb
AIO Cooler Master Seidon 120v Liquid Cooler
AMD R3 Radeon 120gb SSD
Seagate 1tb HD
Toshiba 500gb HD
Corsair 600w 80+ Bronze PSU.
PNY GTX 760 Enthusiast Edition
Also have backup of a ASUS GT 640 & R9 270, R7 250. (Probally gonna sell the R9 270 & R7 250 in the long run or something to help with future upgrades)

I feel like I could get more performance if I started saving for better… Im just not sure which way to turn atm, Zen, FX, Intel I want to get away from APU all togeather. Of course there is the cheaper option of going with Athlon X4 880k and a new CPU Cooler but I dont really know if that would be a good option or worth the money where its close to the A8-7670k I have just with out the gpu cores.

I’m not a tech guy so I am just going to wish you the best of luck.

If I’m correct, that GTX 760 is still a good card. Not sure why would you spend money to replace the card that can run almost every game on decent settings with decent framerate. If I were you, I would save money for another year or two. Then you’ll probably have enough money to buy a nice high end PC. Tons of new stuff is coming 2017 and probably everything you buy now will be more or less outdated. Hell, even my PC is outdated but if it can run every game on highest settings with 30/60 fps, no point on replacing any parts. That’s just my opinion.

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Katsuo Well my thoughts originally was a GTX 1060 3gb or a RX 460 4gb 470 or 480… But I want to build my next PC my self I have most of the parts already from what you can see… if I went with Intel I could probally upgrade to a Socket 1150 use my same ram and go i3 or i5 or if I want to wait even longer i7… if I went Skylake I would need Motherboard, Processor & Ram which would mean a i3 6100 cause of needing to get DDr4… I built my currently PC my self as well, one thing I might change though from that list as well is the CPU Cooler I been looking at the Cooler Master Masterliquid 120.