Future Upgrades.

Now that the Processor & Motherboard are out of the way. Coming end of this month I will be looking at my cooling, right now I have a Hyper 212 Evo which I might change for a Be Quiet! and some new fans or new Fans and a Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120mm. I have not decided yet on this but I want to see how well the FX 8320 Overclocks on air first and how cool it will stay… I made sure to get a motherboard with 8+2 VRM Phases as well.

After that I will be looking at upgrade my Graphics card from the PowerColor R9 270X I have now to either a RX 480 8gb or a GTX 1060 6gb… I will figure that out come time, as I am not sure performance wise right now how the 8320 holds up personally. I want to be careful of bottlenecks and will be overclocking the 8320 to atleast 4.5ghz.

You are good even for some OC with the Hyper 212evo… just test it out. I leave my FX 8350 at 4.1ghz alone and there is no bottleneck, it just isn´t as fast as a current I7 or i5… but not that much. Having a cool and and silent rig isn´t the worst for gaming sessions either. The most difference is going to be the “new” GPU anyway.


MeFFFlenn Well then ill worry more about new fans and a mouse/keyboard and the GPU come time.

New Fans? i did oder me 2 cheepo cooltek 140mm ones so now i got 4 140mm fans 7volts pushing air through the case, and everything is ok :wink:

Well I have a Thermaltake Versa H22 I can only fit 120mm and have room for about 5 of them 2 front 2 on my Hyper 212 and 1 back… but the 212 will soon be removed and the Seidon 120v put back in when I install the new motherboard and cpu so ill have room for an extra fan cause I can strap 2 up top 2 front and then 2 on the radiator. So ill probally order 2 packs of Cougar Turbines or 2 packs of Arctic F12 when I order my NZXT Sentry 2 Controller.