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Well this is my next game. It’s a source engine game so it’s just HL2 with custom assets. The idea is cool but clearly this person (I’m assuming a solo dev) is not a designer at all. The levels so far just feel like a lot of skyrim mountain derping except instead of trying to just go over a mountain, your trying to walk on thin ledges that shouldn’t be used for traversal and don’t intuitively look like places you should even try to go.

It’s also a using very old version of the engine, only api option is dx9. I’m currently running it maxed out at 2645p>60 (dsr 2160p).

Will post more later!

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This game is actually pretty damn good. The bad level design seems to go away for longer periods of time as you get further and the production quality is actually pretty damn good given the engine.

I was worried this was some NSFW type thing.

Nope just a Korean without for-site. I imagine a lot of people skipped over it simply due to the name. It’s about a girl with psycho kinetic powers (you the player). Basically gravity gun is your hand, crobar is hammer, most other hl2 guns with replaced models, and you can spawn fire balls that you can then throw with your power. You’re escaping some crazy post apocalyptic situation. I was glued to it this evening.


I think if this game had a touchup here and there by a real level designer and if it were release roughly around the same time as hl2, it would have been a blockbuster and we’d have sequels that we’d be playing today.

So I just beat it! The story and plot are fucking epic…but there’s so much level design that is just pure horse shit. Not all of it, but it’s a recurring theme. If you liked HL2, you’ll like this game. Recommended with those caveats! Oh and I ended up having to drop it down to 2366p after I encountered some effects that hit the hardware pretty hard…or were implemented improperly. Still >4k though.