G2A and Gearbox

iiiiiinteresting. I am curious G2A will change their policy after this.


LOL definitely not. Is Gearbox blind or what? There was a reason why Riot Games banned G2A from their esports scene back in 2015. They simply didn’t allow a fraud company to profit through them. Wasn’t that a good reason for Gearbox to actually think about NOT partnering with them? And keep in mind that Tencent (Riot Games) is much bigger fish than Gearbox so I can’t see why would G2A listen to Gearbox and not to Riot Games.

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So Gearbox decided to team up with a Grey-Market key-seller for their Collector’s Editions? How did they actually think this was going to go? Was this all done so they can release those demands & get the moral high ground with a heap of publicity?

What did I say? XD