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Howdy all!

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in writing more proper game reviews as they finish games. They don’t need to be anything too fancy, but I was look into having a real review section and submitting the “fan made” reviews to OpenCritic. I know Alex wants people to write reviews as people finish games, maybe this can be used for some of the more detailed ones? Thoughts?

Good idea, but I dont trust my English good enough to write a nice and long review :smiley:

I can do that. I like writing stuff even though my English is not that good. Here’s a review for Metal Gear Solid V: TPP.

  • Best game ever 11/10

If only nanderman were more active on here…

If done right, it can really pay off for those writing the reviews, which is why I tried to grab someone to do them for me. Smaller developers are always willing to give keys out to writers and what not so after a couple reviews posted could get loads of games for free. They may not always be what you’re into, but free is free. All it takes is someone’s time to Email devs :smiley:

Its a great idea, but I’m not sure I’d be good at it. I just don’t finish games quickly enough, and wouldn’t want to feel pressured to do so.

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Polekatt said in Game Reviews:

Its a great idea, but I’m not sure I’d be good at it. I just don’t finish games quickly enough, and wouldn’t want to feel pressured to do so.

I feel I would be decent at writing the review… but I also do not finish games as quickly as others so I understand where you are coming from with this.

I am not looking for like, instant reviews. I think just writing stuff over time will be cool. I find the ones from people who actually finished the games are more interesting too.


I’d be interested. I’m not shy in making my opinions known.

I was very interested in LetsGetIt1220’s search for a reviewer but then my week went sideways & I couldn’t find the time to complete a game for a sample review. I then realised that’s what almost every week feels like & I wouldn’t want to let anyone down by not completing games in time. This way by the time I finally finish a game I could do the write up.

I am more than game! I will start doing that right now :wink:

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Would having a “Game Reviews” category where only specific reviewers can create new posts (and anyone can reply) be confusing / weird? I could move other good reviews in there as they are done as well if people want to do one offs.


Maybe this will get me back into writing…but I’m kind of lazy.

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teh_g None at all actually! I think this might some credibility as well, take Kotaku for example! I am more than willing to apply for such a position :wink:

I’m currently playing through Undertale then moving onto Limbo, and Inside. I could perhaps write some reviews for those games and see what everyone thinks. The biggest issue is my lack of time for playing.

I always prefer user reviews over the ‘professional reviewers’. I try to usually write a Steam review for most games I complete just because I really do read user reviews myself. Once you get past the bulk of the 11/10 and “comedy” ones, that is where I make a lot of my purchasing decisions. So I feel obligated to contribute to them once in awhile. I’ll start posting my short little tidbits here too. :thumbsup:



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