Gameboy ROMs

I know it is not something 110% legal, but I wanted to play my old Gameboy and GBA games again. Sadly I gave my old machine to the younger generation with the games so I have nothing. I tought I might want to play my first Pokémon Blue again and some others like Wario, Harry Potter, Super Mario. I have the VisualBoyAdvance emulator but it is hard to find working and virus free ROMs. If anyone knows a good site I would be glad.


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Dunno if it still exists, but coolroms is where I used to get all my roms… at least n64 and older. You know what, tonight I’m playing punchout! I’m that drunk!


@schlitty awesome link, immediately found Wario Land 3, one of my favourite. Amazing pack, hundrends of games working with my emulator :open_mouth:

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It would seem coolrom has felt the nintendo hammer:

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So where can I get punchout? (nes)… or should I just torrent?

The romsets I always got were ‘good’ GoodGBx GoodNES etc. I just Google’d em and turned out some are on which despite being a ‘legit’ archival project has teetered on the grey line a’plenty. But yeah, looks like someone tossed up the NES set as well. Torrent would probably be faster but;

I forget how I got it, but my drunk self apparently figured it out.

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Sometimes you just gotta let the liquor do the thinking. :beer:

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I am having so much fun :smiley: Pokémon, Warioland, Harry Potter, even old GC games thanks to @Zmajuga Playing with a gamepad is even better.



I have WarioLand. I love it

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