Gamer Challenge coming tomorrow

July is almost upon us. This means that the July Gamer Challenge will take place soon. However, if possible would like certain people and groups to benefit from this if possible. Do I am asking folks like Enos_Tech_Reviews and p3ssimist_gΛming to join in and power the event if they want and they think they can benefit from this. Of course, NOTHING is required of anyone to give, that is my concern, giving away games at the winners of each Challenge. Also, anyone can join in this!

Thanks for reading folks! I have many projects coming up as well.

I am going to be lvl 26 virgin. Did i win already ?

Keep shaving your beard and this will be true…

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Alex So the Gamer Challenge is coming soon :slight_smile: :dancer_tone1:

I hope you are going to explain us where to put the screenshots or whatever of our finished games so you can track it down xD

Katsuo probably in the screenshots topic :wink:

I am so excited. I will pitch in as well!

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teh_g true, I’ll even have some games to donate to the cause I bet