Gamer Challenge Terminology

Hello there! Good of you to have come! So you are interested in the Gaming Exodus Gamer Challenge aren’t you? You have come to the right place! First of all, let me explain what it is.

Gamer Challenge is something that I devised to help me give me a push to start clearing some of my huge backlog. Why not make a game of playing games? It’s a friendly competition between the members of Gaming Exodus to see who clears more games in a given month. Each game clear awards you Gaming Points, GP for short. Let us see now how many points you can earn and how you do earn them.

Before that, you need to make a topic here with your title being named [Name - Month] Gamer Challenge (for example, Alex January Gamer Challenge) This is to help me to better organize and assemble the GP at the end of the month.

There you make a post regarding the game you cleared. What you write there is up to you, but a lot of GX members usually write fully fledged reviews of the game they played, including with pictures and sometimes with videos. What is absolutely needed for the entry to be valid is the name of the game and at which difficulty you cleared it! From there you post what you want. You can have a discussion there if you want with your fellow members, but it’s advised to put your thoughts in another subforum. This is to ensure further activity and interaction with more members and for the topic to be clean and easy to follow. Of course, that is optional! It’s more for practical reasons.

Each game clear awards GP at a given difficulty. We used to have complicated point awards, but over time we have simplified them again for practical reasons. Besides, this is a friendly competition, not a bloody world contest! Here is the chart:

Normal Mode Clear: 10 GP
Hard Mode Clear: 20 GP
Elite/Permadeath Mode Clear: 30 GP
DLC Normal Clear: 5 GP
DLC Hard Clear: 10 GP
Elite/Permadeath Clear: 15 GP

The FIRST clear of each game in a given mode is awarded the Points. If you complete a game or DLC in Normal and then clear it in a higher difficulty, even in the same month, you will be awarded the corresponding points, for example 10+20=30 GP. You cannot have the same game being entered for the Gamer Challenge in the same difficulty setting, neither in the same nor in a future month. Each such entry will be deemed invalid.

Now then, what can you play? Pretty much everything! Any game from any platform from any generation from any year. We don’t require official proof that you indeed completed a game, but it is preferred. In some cases we might ask you that, but that will be in certain giveaways or competitions with a certain prize in mind.

Speaking of prizes, what can you get from the Gamer Challenge? Apart from bragging rights, clearing your backlog and discovering new games from your fellow members, there is a huge change that I will personally be giving you a game myself! This is from me personally, it has nothing to do with the Challenge itself, but I try to gift games to thank the members who entered. Usually I give them only to the winner. In the future I might host a Gamer Challenge with a specific prize pool in mind, or a spin-off of the Challenge for said prize.

If you have any questions, either make a new topic here with my name tagged or just shoot me a PM. That’s all she wrote folks! Have fun playing!