Gamer Challenge, wishlists and sharing sprees

HOLA folks! I bring this message in peace, but it can result to a bloody mess depending on the situation!

First of all, let me discuss how I envision Gamer Challenge and how I want it to help people:

Gamer Challenge is all about playing a game: a game where we compete against other people by playing games! Simple as that! Here is the thing now; I want to see activity building with it. Meaning, if you complete a game, post screenshots and YOUR review about it! It can be from 1 line to a proper paragraph (lazy bastards) Make it so that people will WANT to play that game and then have folks DISCUSS about it! For example, I completed once Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. I would LOVE to have a topic and discuss about things there. Not just the obvious stuff, visual, gameplay, story etc, but also the real life characters and locations from there!

Also, I want the Challenge to keep evolving, so suggestions and stuff is always welcome. Also, GROUPS that want to use the Gamer Challenge as a way of promotion, please, feel more than free to do so! Finally, I want to give away games to the winner of each Challenge, and/or to specific folks that are recurring contestants or have scored a significant amount of points. Usually I am not able to gift that many or that great of games, but I will certainly try my best.

Which brings me to the next topic: wishlists. The Gamer Challenge is heavily tied to this, as knowing what games you folks REALLY want to play will enable me to plan along and maybe, just maybe, be able to get your No1 game as a reward! Posting your game wishlists is never shameful or sounds greedy. And to end all debate regarding this, I am asking you to do so, so shut your mouth(s) and post them!

Lastly, sharing sprees; again, it’s heavily tied to the previous section, wishlists. Let’s be honest here, we ALL love doing this when we can and there are people that are doing AMAZING stuff with it. I regard myself a mere wannabe when you mention names like Jon Bills for example! He is a master sharing… master! It’s not like that (personally) everytime we will be able to get what you want, we might have keys just to share around, but knowing stuff is good! Also, sharing sprees shouldn’t be seen as forced things or when done, the other party feeling uncomfortable about it. We do it cause we want so. I say this cause there have been such situations in the past!

That’s all she wrote! Thanks for reading and I am eagerly waiting for your replies!

Alex Bah, i’m no master, I just share when I can :slight_smile:

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I confess, I am terrible at Gamer Challenge, because a lot of the games I play because I love them, are games that have no end!

Like right now, my time has been spent in the last month or so on Skyrim and Fallout4, both of which I am past the “ending”, Dirt, Rocket League, and Golf With Friends.

As for my wish list, I rarely post it. It changes order too much, and I figure if someone really wants to see it, they can go look at it on Steam. I’m not worried about getting free games, I use it more for my own personal use, to remember what games I want to keep up with. sorry to be a party pooper! :smiley:

However, I will make it up to you in just a sec, if you don’t beat me to it!! :wink:

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I’ll be better at writing reviews!