Games I completed in 2k19


So far I completed:

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb - One of the best games of my childhood I want a remake. Everyone should play it. 10/10

Tomb raider: it was meh but I enjoyed it. I kinda expected more puzzles and there were few but were meh that’s why I meh it. 6/10

Bloodborne : I kinda did it fast because I rented a PS4 and bought the game. Enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Dark souls and I absolutely love it. Will get the PS4 on summer just to replay it. 999/10

Next on the list are: Brutal legend, Company of heroes 1&2, Alien Isolation,Abyss Odyssey, BioShock Infinite DLCs, Arma tanks DLC and ill see what else when time and health allows me.


I have a few on my soon list that are on your next list, let me know how they are. As for Bloodborne unless it comes to PC or Xbox One sadly I won’t be playing it anytime soon. Indiana Jones sounds fun! Eh I have a few tomb raider games mostly the older ones.


I love Emperor’s Tomb. Especially the turkish guys that sound like mumbling Homer Simpsons when they attack you. Might be aging myself a little, but Indy and the Infernal Machine is still my favorite though. Man is it clunky these days but my buddy and I had so many good times and inside jokes when we played that back in High School.


You could’ve played Bloodborne without renting a PS4 or buying BB, on PS Now. :wink:


Bloodborne is besssst


It is bestest


Hopefully Sekiro will be even bestestest


In before micro transactions and live services. XD