Games I currently play...

Project Cars
Primal Carnage
Star Wars Battlefront
Doom (almost done with campaign)
Battlefield 4
Unreal Tournament (alpha test)

Gutter I play
Killing floor 2
Arma 3
Rocket League
Plan to finish and do a replay RYSE: Son of Rome.on hardest since you cannot play it on hardest on first replay which is lame :smiley:

I tried Primal Carnage but solo is really boring. I killed some dinos until some pack of them came and killed me hahaha but i love the game ! :smiley:

Fallout 4 (Modding and playing)
Grim Dawn
Witcher 3
Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD Remaster

I have 58 games installed. 30 of em I’m playing actively. Yeah, I have no life. \o/

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Katsuo That’s okay, I won’t either until next semester

Dirty Bomb
Tomb Raider
Batman Arkham City
Shadow Warrior

Now that I have more space I started downloading games on my list one by one xD

Borderlands 2 (mate & I are back shooting & looting)
Rogue Galaxy
Dirt Rally - only for the screenshots of me epically failing
Elite: Dangerous (really need to get back in)
Witcher 3 (really, really need to get back in)

tat2teel What’s Grim Dawn like? it has me intrigued.

Sgt_T8ie I really dig it. The dual class system and constellation systems are great and offer fun ways to customize your character. I’ve played a bit of single player and multiplayer with my brother and multiplayer is more fun imo. Never really payed much attention to many ambient soundtracks but this one popped out at me immediately. For the sale price I feel it’s definitely worth getting.

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I am playing two games right now the first is not a fav but i play it with my mother in law so yeah enough said its Knights fable pc game hate it its a money pit game and i wont spend so not getting very far. The second game is Wizard 101 my fav pc game for freeking ever love it. just waiting on getting my sub back. but I am also playing Tales of symphonia on my game cube. Yeah that’s right baby I went old school.

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FireWitch My little brother and I used to spend hours playing the GameCube… Phantasy Star Online. Was the shiznit

tat2teel I dont have many games for it but I think we paid 8$ for the system 6 controllers and 5 or 6 games lol so cant complain on that

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FireWitch oh and I love that i can play the game cube games on the wii

I play

Rocket League
Black Ops 3
Battlefield 4
Quake Live

And the peasant in my plays Halo 5 on Xbox one :smiley:

I’m a one game at a time person. Right now Doom is rocking my socks!

Currently i have a lots of fun with Wolfenstein: The New Order, playing game second time to complete all achievements on Uber Difficulty xd … then i will have fun with Soon ™