Games I returned because they're broken and/or just shitty

Broke 19000!

I wonder how many good games you’ve ignored :thinking:

The only good snowboarding game is the one from Ubisoft. Rest is just shit.

I don’t even remember who made what or even the names of the games. I just remember playing one for about as many hours as the tony hawk games.

Probably the SSX games. Those were realllllly good.

I played cool borders a lot as a kid.

Try VR :stuck_out_tongue:

It would probably be good.

I have this and it works great with the Sinden light gun.

That one is a good game too! I usually play games in windowed full screen anyway, so I never hit that bug.

Too bad. The game is fantastic.

I won’t do fps without kbm, I won’t do rhythm without gamepad.

Fuck Sunday Gold. See my most recent post: Sunday Gold - #23 by gord0

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Yeah yeah, I know, but apparently they patched it significantly to the point where almost none of the day 1 complaints still exist.