Gaming Headset Take 2.

So I got on ebay this time instead of newegg and ordered a headset. Here is a link of the headset I got but this link is from newegg of the item I ordered from ebay and got for $14 instead of 27.

Let us know how it works!

Make sure you clean it too :smiley:

Alcohol wipes ready to go >.>


I hope you have a better set than the one I got my daughter. It sounds okay but the mic is Crap… yes with a capital C.

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Ub6 Well ill let you know, the headset I ordered before this came missing a needed piece… annoyed me all to hell cause I cant use it on my pc and use mic/ear at the same time so I ordered this one.

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I have one of their headsets that was given to me and I am happy they were as my other set was broken beyond using and I could not afford any others but the truth is I miss wireless and they are quite heavy or maybe it is just because I have not worn any in a month but man my neck gets to hurting wearing them. Sound quality is not bad but they are not high end at all and I would like to get a set of the new A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station but they are out of my range right now.