Gaming Headset.

So, here I am again two years after buying a gaming headset the cable decided it was time to fray and tare. I am thinking about getting a wireless headset and looking at the Logitech G533 cause I can use my QVC Account to pay for it on time… is this headset worth it? Is it any good?

Probably. I’ve had a 933 and a 633 and they were fine. 633 wasn’t wireless. 933 was my upgrade to wireless. Only reason I don’t still use it is because my bro broke it somehow. Currently using a SteelSeries Arctis 7.


No idea but the G935 is amaaaaaazing

G935 or nothing

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Sadly QVC does not have the G935 in stock or I would. And no idea when they will get it again, the G533 is in stock and I can make payments on to ensure I can afford it.

I had a Logitech G930 wireless headset and used it for years.

I have replaced it with the Steel Series Arctis 7.

Having used both products for gaming almost every night for years, I can honestly say that Steelseries is better.

And I love Logitech. I’m a Logitech fanboy. But the Steelseries is just a better product.

The Logitech had problems where it would cut in and out, and cut off at random times. It could be solved by turning it back on, etc, but it was quite aggravating when it would do it during a game.
Also, the ear pads, after a while, start deteriorating. Eventually they get so bad you have to order replacement ones. easily done, but again, aggravating.
The Logitech drivers rarely ever get updated. I still run a logitech mouse and keyboard, so I still know this.

I have had absolutely none of these problems with the Arctis 7. It runs flawlessly, I can walk anywhere in my house with it on, and sound quality is great.

After using both, and since they are both around the same price, I’d say get the Arctis 7.

I checked QVC for that one as well they dont carry it sadly. Reason I am using QVC is because of it giving me payment plans and I am using that to help build my credit score back up from the dumps. I just recently got approved for a secured credit card which I plan to hook to my QVC for when I get my a Monitor and headset. The Monitor I am torn between two different ones a 28" 4k ASUS that works for Gsync & Freesync that has 144hz and a MSI 32" 1080p that has 165hz and freesync lol. But yes if I could get the Arctis 7 I would.

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Yeah but that’s not the G935

I think I am gonna follow @Polekatt & @gord0 recommendation this time, and get the Arctis 7 and just pay for it straight out when my credit card arrives.

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I wasn’t really recommending one way or the other. My current headset just happens to be an arctis 7.

The fact your using them is recommendation enough for me :wink:

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Regardless of what you get, I like the fact that you are gonna pay for it straight out. I’ve got to where I never buy anything on credit unless its an emergency. Credit can get you in trouble quickly, and credit scores are overrated.
ok, off that soapbox. LOL

Back to the Arctis, couple other neat features that I like about it-

-The mic is fully retractable. The Logitech one I had you flipped upwards, but it was still there. The Arctis fully disappears when you aren’t using it.

  • I love the second knob on it that integrates with discord. If you aren’t familiar with it, its an automix thing, that controls how loud discord is, vs your game. So when I’m in game, and my friends are yapping about whatever, and a cut scene comes on, I can turn that knob and it turns them down, so I can hear the cutscene, or vice versa.
  • also has an extra 3.5mm input port on the headset, so I can plug a phone, or whatever into it, in addition to the wireless signal.
  • Battery Life. BATTERY LIFE.
    I forgot to mention this, probably the biggest thing. The Arctis literally blows away any logitech I’ve ever had, on battery life. I think Logitech advertises theirs at lasting 12 hours? I know the logitechs I had, I had to charge almost every other night, or just leave them plugged in to charge anytime I was not using it. My Arctis 7? Good gracious. This thing runs a week, AT LEAST, every single night, 3-5 hours a night, before it even goes down to half charge. I am amazed. I never get below 50% charge, and I never have to charge it but about once a week. That to me, along with it being stable as a rock and sounding great, sold me.

Yeah the battery life is insane. Simply just works when you plug dongle into ps4 as well.

Well one of the things that sold me when looking between G935 and the Arctis 7 is that the Arctis 7 is Discord Certified. I mean I use Discord EVERY day several HOURS a day so it goes to say a Discord Certification says alot to me.

And re-reading what you wrote, I think you may have misunderstood. I plan to use the credit card still but to purchase the headset straight out with it instead of putting the headset on it as a payment per month on another place. I am just gonna grab it off Amazon with the cc so its 1 payment per month. Right now I have no working headset for my PC because the other refuses to work at all now. Abit of an Emergency for Raiding/Talking on Discord with my friend I speak to daily… she would get upset if she couldnt talk to me :wink:

Why don’t you get something cheaper to avoid that financing crap? You’ll end up paying more for something that probably won’t be worth it in the long run.

Take a look at HyperX Cloud Stinger or the earlier versions of Steelseries Arctis. These are cheap but still good.

I accually started looking at the Arctis 3 and the SLUB Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Game Wireless/Wired/TF with Mic. The SLUB one claims 40 hours game time / 60 hours play time / 60 hours call time. I will check out the HyperX Cloud Stinger though.

Well, I got a headset coming its a cheap one for the moment till I can save up for a top tier one. I picked up the same brand as I had last time but different up to date model.

The New Headset has arrive and its even better then my last one! and more comfortable!

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My Arctis 7 broke, so I replaced it with this:

Just arrived. Did a bass test on youtube and it seems the same or better…the only thing I miss is the headphone jack was on the dongle with the Arctis 7. So I could plug my switch into that and still remain wireless. On the Blackshark v2 Pro it’s on the headset itself.

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