Gaming Monitor

Seeing as I been stuck on a TV for my PC for so long, and the fact this TV is needed in the living room again cause the TV out there sucks and keeps screwing up… I picked up a Gaming Monitor finally, and it will be here tomorrow. I know its Freesync and all but seeing as I maybe stuck on my ROG Strix RX 580 for… what could be awhile cause of the current GPU Market Prices… Hopefully this works better then this 1080p TLC TV but I think it should be much better.

Is it gsync compatible?

According to reviews yes. It falls in line from what I can see on research with Gsync switch over from Freesync.

Update: Monitor works great, so much better then the TV anyhow lol.


Slap some nvidia reflex with gsync and you’ll fart rainbows how smooth everything is

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Just need to get my hands on a Geforce Card still but in good time

At least use free sync in the meantime.

I am I made sure it was activated and my settings where at 165hz refresh

Now you should be able to disable vsync in game and everything will be smooth.

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Yup, I never use vsync anyhow was seeing nearly 190fps in FF XIV just now lol