Gaming on Linux

I think @gord0 does, but does anyone else run mainly on Linux? I am thinking of either getting a third SSD to test out Ubuntu on along with a few games, or just lazily partitioning my game drive to have Ubuntu on it for testing.

It seems like a lot of games run really well either straight on Linux or using Wine / Proton. Someone also recommended Lutris, apparently people write installers that will setup Wine for you for each game.

I do primarily run Ubuntu. So far maybe 1 in 10 games with actual linux builds run good enough. Maybe 1 in 10 games with proton support run good enough in linux. That said they keep updating proton so it just keeps getting better. Also, someone with different tastes in games may have different odds than I’ve experienced thus far.

Yeah, I keep poking around at Lutris and WineDB. I think most games I play would work. I am just really lazy about reconfiguring everything, and Windows does a good enough job so far…

I just dual boot.

Also there’s an option with proton to try and run non-known-to-work windows games in linux. I always try linux first at any rate.

Hmm, I could do something like that.

Like right now RE2 “runs” in linux, but not good enough. I so I just rebooted to windows.

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One thing you should know:


If Nvidia, DON’T USE NOUVEAU, use nvidia’s drivers (add ppa so your apt update will grab new drivers when they release).

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