Gaming that touches your heart..

It’s fun to play a game/watch a movie that demands an emotional investment. The payoffs are much more satisfying if you care about what’s happening. This brings me to Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry. This game is an expansion off of AC4: Black Flag. I’m only about 2 hours into FC and all I can say is wow. I read some reviews about how deep and emotional it is but wasn’t prepared for what I’m experiencing.

I can’t remember playing a game that addresses slavery. This game hits it right in the face. You play as Adawale, the first mate of the Jackdaw and the main protagonist Edward Kenway (Who you play as in the Black Flag campaign). This DLC gives Adawale’s backstory as well as a future story. Let’s just say he escaped slavery and now is dedicated to freeing as many slaves as possible. It’s gut wrenching so far. Know how a lot of open world games have random side events that just appear in front of you, like stop the guy who just robbed someone, or interfere with someone being kidnapped, etc. Yeah, the first 100 times it’s fun but eventually I always found myself getting bored with those things and ignoring what was happening around me. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE IN FREEDOM CRY. How do you ignore a side event of watching a slave run by you screaming for help while being chased by two men with guns and knives who are yelling that they’re going to kill him if they catch him? Or could you ignore rounding a corner where a slave is being whipped on the back by his “master”, screaming in agony and knowing you could end his pain? What about stopping an attempted rape?

If you’re not an AC fan or consider yourself a casual one, this might be the exact game to pull you into the franchise. It’s a very emotional and serious topic and incredibly satisfying when you dismantle your enemies. There’s even a “slaves saved” tally. It encourages you to be a hero and pays off with every slice of your machete.

sYnCroSis You will thoroughly enjoy it man, was a great addition :smiley:

If you want moving stories, you’ll love Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls!

I find The Walking Dead series to be very emotional. The end of the first season is absolutely heartbreaking.


Shadow of the Colossus and ICO. For having barely any dialogue they were very emotional. Suuuper excited for the last guardian!

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gord0 heavy rain was pretty good, but the controls were not so good…

ShiftySatchmo what’s The Last Guardian? Tehehehehe

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This im not in a mood to even start the game and play XD

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sYnCroSis So seeing that I’ve never played an AC game before- Can you play this without having played the others? I have not tried black flag, even though I love pirate themed games, because I always had heard that the AC series was some sort of ongoing story, and I figured it would make more sense if one started from the beginning and played them in order.

And, on your subject, did you play Bioshock Infinite? It had a lot of emotional stuff in it, regarding race and slavery that got me, especially at the very beginning, where it forces you to make a certain choice.

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Polekatt Yup you can buy Freedom Cry standalone and I recommend doing so, or just get Black Flag because it’s frickin awesome. And Black Flag starts its own story and separate from parts 1-3 minus one very small scene. So all in all I’d say Black Flag and season pass, well worth it, and it’ll cost you $10 for everything on G2A.

As for Infinite, it’s quite good. I was going to replay all of them this summer for fun.


Show me where the bad game touched you


Well Josh, stop dodging the Witcher series, especially then 2nd and the 3rd, because there might be some softcore porn… it has those Emotional Attachment Moments alot aswell. Also a great game in this direction was “Remember Me” from the same developers who made “Life is Strange”. And i think i gifted you once Dreamfall chapters… this one has also some of those moments. And there is a very nice Point&Click Adventure called: “The Wispered World” you should check out.

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Polekatt Well start with Assasins Creed 2, followed by Assassins Creed Brotherhood, followed by Assassins Creed Revelations to get the best AC games. The AC 3 is a bit meh, and Black Flag (AC 4) is good again. But those 3 first named games, are what will get you hooked on the series.

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MeFFFlenn See, just looking at the gameplay, from the first 3, from what I’ve seen, was nothing to draw me to them. The Pirate one was the first one that actually interested me.

And Dreamfall!!! I forgot about that one! Yes, that is a good one to play that has a great story. I would recommend starting it from the beginning, from the original, The Longest Journey, and playing through the whole emotional story.

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Why is no one mentioning Final Fantasy 6, 7 and 10? :’(

The Witcher series, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Mass Effect, and many more.

Personally, I want to play games with a deep story and I adore plots that can be heavy and give me that emotion of dem feels. Here are a few such games:

Bastion. I have mentioned this game a hundred times before, but I still don’t feel ashamed! The story is simple but very effective. When you include the soundtrack… still get goosebumps!

Final Fantasy X. I have been emotionally invested in this game since the get-go. Auron. Enough said.

It has been mentioned, but the Walking Dead Telltale can only make you tired of dem feels.

Metal Gear Solid. Tortured Snake. Gray Fox. Sniper Wolf. Do I need to say more?

Just beat it. The emotional aspect got heavier as it went. This screen is 2 mins before end game…

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