Genshin Impact - The Zelda BOTW clone

For all of you who want more games that are like Zelda BOTW, play this. It’s free and from what I played, it’s in 853 ways better than Zelda. Available on PSN, Google Playstore and whatever the apple thing is. Bye.

It’s also fully VA, both English and Japanese.

Always free or one of this months free ps+ games? If it’s always free that means there’s something fundamentally wrong with it due to monetization.

Always free and nothing fundamentally wrong with the game’s monetization. This game came from the Honkai Impact 3 developers. They sell skins for the characters that are in the game and that’s it. Nothing more. Same free to play model like in League of Legends for example. Both Honkai and Genshin Impact have a fully fledged story, fully voice acted and highest animation you can find in the JRPG genre.

Gotcha game mechanics == mobile jank.

When they release a game with a price tag, let me know.

Why should they lol

They earn more money selling skins for their characters than selling the game fully priced.

Don’t care. If they want my time they have to make a game.

It is a game. Dude, just download it and try it out for 10 minutes. You had no problems playing Mobius FF which is 70 times worse game than Genshin Impact lol

That was a mistake. Furthermore even if this was a game with a price tag, it’s a chinese dev so I’d go grey market anyway. The last thing I want to do is give the ccp more foreign currency that’s actually useful beyond the borders of china.

Ehhh alright

I’ve been playing it, it is pretty ok so far. I like gacha games though.


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This game is so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


For once on something I have to agree, Genshin Impact is great.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t rush through the game. Right now the game is full of stuff until AR 30, from AR 30 you will have nearly nothing to do anymore. For sure you can do your daily missions but they are done within a few minutes. And after that you are basically done for a day. I just hope that they will add more quests in the next larger update mid of november and with the big content update end of december.

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Nothing to do right now… Nov / Dec they are planning updates with new areas and such.

Right now it’s getting hard to rank up to do the 32 rank story quest which probably will last like 10 minutes or so. They really need to pump this game with content asap.

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THAT or increase the AR XP gain for completed dungeons. 100 is a joke when you have 7k xp to earn.

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I started playing this with my daughter and I like it. Also @Katsuo and @PeaceLeon are right about XP gain and not rushing through the game. There is really a lot of exploration and so far I’m AR 36, going slowly through the story, enjoying the game.

Also popular gaming and anime references are everywhere.

Noelle for the win.

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