This is my next game! It’s a horror game that I really have no idea what’s happening because I only played for half an hour so far. I have a pistol, an auto rifle, an attachment to hold my pistol and phone so I can see and shoot around corners. My phone can scan things and give me forensic info, it also has a uv light that shows blood and foot pritns, and a thermal app. I went through some abandoned house, killed some guys, and tried to save a girl with a bomb on her chest but it blew up. I woke up somewhere else and started exploring again. Someone texted me and said it’s all my fault. Then I looked at the real world clock and decided to lay down.

Will post more later…


Too spooky for me.

You just haven’t played enough horror games. You get desensitized part way through every time.

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This game is actually quite cool! It’s more “wtf” than “horror”. Also unlike most horror games that give you a bunch of cool guns but maybe 4 bullets in the whole game, I’ve not had any ammo issues. lol

Interesting. I don’t mind WTF games. I just had spooky stuff.

There is some spook, but once you realize all the things you can do and know that you have a pistol and an automatic, plenty ammo, and heat vision… it’s not so scary.

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Holy shit this game is so good! I don’t even want to say anything incase I spoil the story!..though I did forget the mention that, out of the box with no fuckery, this game runs at a solid 1440p60 at max settings! : ]

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thank you for that heads up! wishlisted!

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Just beat it! A beautiful mindfuck! Highly recommended!