Ghost of a Tale

This is a wonderful game where you play as a mouse. In this world mice are discriminated against. You find yourself in a prison run by rats and you’re trying to find your wife. I don’t know much more than that as I just started.

Performance wise I’m running it at 4k max settings with mostly >=60 fps. I can handle the dips to the 50s with gsync.

Will post more later!


Reminded me of the VR game that was released recently. It’s called Moss or something.

Looking forward to updates, been on my wishlist a good minute.

Never heard of it but sounds cool

This game is a golden nugget. I wish they had voice acting in the scope of the project though. All conversation is text.

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Voice acting is overrated kek

Just beat it! Recommended!

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This is free on GOG right now for 43 more hrs as of this post.