Ghostwire: Tokyo

Finished Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Good game! Had fun with it.

Unfortunately, they went with the Ubisofty gameplay, with tons of map markers, tons of collectibles, which is super repetitive and the combat feels very basic. However, visually it’s really pretty, Tokyo looks great and if you use ray tracing, your eyes will melt how good the game looks. Soundtrack is decent too. Story feels a bit disjointed and rushed at some points but it ended well and overall it’s decent, nothing mindblowing.

It took me 12 hours to finish the game, which is where I’m not sure if the game is actually worth 60 euros. If you get it on sale, it’s probably the best “on sale” game you can buy.

All in all, I had fun, I’ll probably revisit it someday. Thanks @ShiftySatchmo !


This is my next game! I’m playing on ps5 though. It’s $70 cad on steam and $40 cad on psn. This game seemed to take longer than most games to sink it’s hooks into me. Probably because it takes me a couple days to adjust to using a gamepad for an fps. I’m having fun now though. Running in performance mode (1440p60, no rt). My other options were 1800p30 with rt, or 1080p120 with rt. Will post more later.


Just beat it. It’s actually quite good and they cut it off just before I was tired of it, so good on them. Recommended! Looking forward to more bethesda titles that bethesda didn’t program. : ]


I liked it too. I just didnt like the way they made exploration and the combat was a bit too simple. Still a good game.