Giveaway for Duke Nukem Forever Steam Key

I’ve made this giveaway using the gleam app.
Funny to give away an old game from 2011 like thisl
Just checking to see how it works.
Let me know if this is allowed. I’m not asking for anything except age because the game is rated Mature.
It’s just running for 7 days.


Thank you for the opportunity, I will bow out of this one as I already have it but I wish the others good luck.

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I was actually going to bother with this one until you took it off site. Too lazy.

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Thx Larry, I just got the last expansion of the witcher and i barely have time to play that, so good luck to everyone who participate

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Its just the gleam launch page. It only asks for login to gleam, and your age. Then you’re entered. I haven’t shared anywhere else. Just for the Gaming Exodus group. I’ll be doing more giveaways like this, eventually getting newer games.