Alex gave me two games…
“Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China”

But as i promised myself i aint getting any games till i get a good pc…at least till a good mobo and a decent processor…so i am giving away these two games and #alex is ok with it too so thank you so much alex for remembering me and getting something for me…i really appreciate man :slight_smile:

So let me know who wants it …

not a single fuck given…:3

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I like the fact that you are wishing to give them away, but I just don’t see myself playing either of them, and as a rule I don’t jump on anything that isn’t on my wishlist and/or I don’t see myself playing. Be patient, perhaps someone that wants one just has not seen this yet!


I won’t take either game because I am buried in games. I have yet to play any of the games you all gave me for Christmas! However, thanks for introducing me to this Volume game because it looks awesome. I’ll have to remember it for later! Good luck finding these nice games a good home :smiley:


Same boat. I only express interest in games that are on a wishlist. I’m in a gaming low at the moment & until I refind the love I’d be adding to the backlog, without doing anything to drop titles off the other end.

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DANTE Sometimes it feels like it is even harder on this site to get rid of games than get new ones :laughing:
I won’t take the games either since I still have many games I have never played … not only from this year Christmas :frowning:




DANTE I don’t have a way to play them atm but I would add AC China Chronicles to my AC collection for whrn I am able to if you’d like.

We need to bring in new flesh to bask in the Glory of the Exodus!

More souls for Game Gods!


Only0neKnight thats yours