Global Game Jam 2019


My group ran out of time. We tried to do a Star Fox knock off. We ended up with most of the necessary mechanics in place, but had no time to make even a single level. So the level has a smattering of asteroids and no enemies and an IOU from the boss at the end.

I programmed the xbox controller input manager, the on-rails movement system, all the ship actions (bank, barrel roll, and the various speed boost/penalties/in-vulnerabilities that go along with them) and attempted to fix the shooting at the last minute. The other programmer did that but made all the shots shoot exactly forward from the ship model which doesn’t work in starfox. You need a reticle to properly hit things, not how real aircraft work, but it is how starfox works. So there is a reticle but there’s nothing prevent it from going off screen and it wasn’t made by our artist. Just me in gimp.
I forget what else the other programmer did. Our artist did all the art except the skybox, I had a skybox package from a long time ago that we selected from.
There’s no audio except for the blasters lol.
Oh well, we only had 48hrs.

The official Global Game Jam link (if you REALLY want to play it, xbox360/xbone controller in windows only):

TLDR: reason I didn’t play any Dad of Boy this weekend…at least until soon from now.


That is a heck of a lot more than I could do in 48 hours! Thanks for sharing, that is wicked cool.

Definitely makes you appreciate what regular game devs do day to day.


At least my daily doesn’t have crazy deadlines. So it’s not as stressful as game jam.

We may go back and polish it up and at least make one good level… but we’re fairly burnt. We literally just did our regular jobs, but at home, for free, from Friday 5pm to Sunday 3pm (technically we only got 46hrs). I don’t want to revisit it for at least a week.


A true Everspace sequel. Finally.