GMG Charity Bundle

It appears 100% of the profits go to helping kids with disabilities and whatnot.


I got it. They send you 50 individual keys for steam.

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That is a handful of keys.

It’s nice to see a bundle with actually good games in it. I will have to cross reference with my list.

When is it expiring? I’m getting paid in 20 days damn it

There is no way I want, or even if I did, would play all of these, so if you guys want ones that I don’t you can have them. I’m only attached to the MGS games really. Maybe a couple of the others.

Nice set of games, only ones on there I would remotely be interested in is the Castlevania really… but thats a great deal for such a bundle.

If I subtract the games I already own, there’s nothing here that interests me. The only way I was going to buy it is if there was 1 or more games I was interested in that were also on my list or good enough to put on the list that were worth >=$50. Oh well.

I have MGS V and ground zeroes on PS4 but never finished V. Figured I could start over on the PC master race

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If you don’t want Rocket Knight, I’ll take it, only because it was one of my favorite Sega Genesis games… I’d pay you $50 for it!

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Haha you can have it for free bb

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Oh yeah the mystery game I got was overlord ii if anyone wants that

Lot of good games there.

Want some? Haha

I could not see the full list, let me try again. Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition looks like it could be interesting.

It’s a fighting game kiiiind of similar in style to the newer Mortal Kombat games (same Dev pretty sure).

It is pretty cool I own Injustice 2 and like it!

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Well I own Injustice 3 and it hasn’t even been made yet, sucker!


I think I will like that please.

Cool, thanks. Good luck on the move.