God of War 2018 v2


This game is really fun no matter what difficulty you play it on. Probably one of my favorite games in recent memory.


Somehow no one made a thread for this game yet…and I don’t need to explain anything. You all know what this game is. I think I’m going to be so balls-deep that I’ll have to pay a ransom to get my balls back when I’m done! Will post more later!


Never beard of it


You must be mustachen…


This game is great.


this is the best thing ever happend to me in my gaming life. thats all i can say…


if u want i can show you some of my best ss i took


Only if there’s no spoilers… plus I’m getting a little over 30 screen shots per second anyway XD


Holy fuck the Valkyries are hard! Huge fist pump when you beat them!


Yeah. they are intense.


Lets keep this topic to civil discussion about the merits of a stellar game.


Well this topic is ruined. I beat it. But who the fuck cares here. I guess I’ll go get woke or some shit. What ever the 20 year olds are saying these days. Maybe I’ll get a man bun or some other dumb shit.

Recommended. Boy.


Man buns and fedoras are pretty okay


It’s only okay for you because you have those. Be a man and be bald!


I shaved my head off after the surgery XD well some portion of it xd


Technically I have Shroedingers’s man bun. The part of my head where it would be is bald.


That one of my biggest fears honestly hhahah