GOG.com 10th anniversary sale

There are some pretty good deals on GOG.com right now. https://www.gog.com/

The RPGs in this one look delightful, along with Kingdom Come. https://www.gog.com/game/collection_iii

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And a free Shadow Warrior 2 too

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Their ‘new’ releases were a bulk of my teenage years. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and Soldier of Fortune 2 were immediate buys for me. Soldier of Fortune 2 was the height of multiplayer fun in my life, well that and TFC before it. But man did I have great time with that game. Still have my CDs but figured a digital copy without needing to hunt for updates each time would be nice for playing the shitty, but gory, campaign again some day. Probably pick up the first title eventually, but it’s not as special to me. Though that microwave gun…

And then Infernal Machine haha. It’s honestly a very clunky, slow-paced game even for 1999 and even for a puzzle/adventure game. But a friend and I played it, and quoted it, endlessly. Very special game to me. It is the one game I’ve wanted added on GOG the most over the last “10 years” of them existing. It was like Christmas for me.

Black & White and Monster Truck Madness 2 are about the only personal childhood classics left they need to add now!

Also going to enjoy that free Shadow Warrior 2! Everybody loves a little wang in their lives.

Good guy GOG at it again.


I LOVED Black and White. That game was so good.


Wait, Black and White is on GOG? Instabuy then. Everyone loves that game.

Oh nvm, read wrong what Schlitty wrote XD

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Off/on topic. I think a modern VR version of a Black & White would be amazing. Tossing people around, chucking fireballs at other islands, messing with your pet, etc.

They kind of have that minus the giant animals

Soldier of Fortune 2 was fantastic. 3 was the worst game I’ve ever played.

Black and white was excellent. And yeah they have a few VR variations of it.