***GOG Galaxy 2.0 Experience so far***

So, I’ve been exploring GOG Galaxy 2.0 developers build for the last 2 days & now trying to put my thoughts together in a few words here

What is GOG Galaxy 2.0? - well you might know GOG already, it s an online marketplace for games just like Steam, origin store & so on but unlike others, GOG only offers DRM free games. GOG team recently came up with an idea to create a game hub or game client for PC which combines all platforms & clients at one place, so here is the long story short, GOG galaxy 2.0 is a game hub where u can connect your steam client, origin client, uplay, xbox one & even PS4 too !! & maybe R* social club, blizzard, nintendo will join the galaxy in near future. now the question is what’s the benifit? umm, isn’t it cool if you find all of your games under one library? no matter in which platform it belongs, on top of that, u simple can command to install the game from there, find more players, connect & chat with gamers from other client & much more upcoming features.

My experience - Now how these things really work? I had this qus in mind ever since I saw them announcing this game hub & I would say, they have actually done a real good job. thumbs up for this. Since it is at early beta stage right now so many features are still locked like adding friends, game library create & organize etc but what this developer beta offer is to give a clear idea on the concept & how it works & overall I am loving it !! This hub tracks my achivements, playtime & let me set a goal to achieve & so on. The whole UI looks gorgeous. Another charming addition is whenever I click on a game that I own, it shows game details & some other games that are similar to this game which is awsome for sure, Now the problems - The hub doesn’t track PS3 & Xbox 360 games yet though it will be added eventually. Another problem I found is currently it eats up a lot of RAM but this is considerable right now coz its at early stage beta so it is a bit un-optimized. Lastly the hub is unable to track a few games like GTA 5 RDR2 while it tracks other R* games like bully. Overall, GOG Galaxy 2.0 is a game hub that every gamer will love (probably) I mean there is nothing to hate about it IF they manage to resolve all the issues at final release. The version I am using is developers beta so this version is receving update everyday, there will be a closed beta too which supposed to be launched yesterday but maybe they’ve postponed a bit (not sure) but if u have signed for closed beta earlier then keep checking your email for invitation. There will be a public test beta too at a later date. Happy gaming.