Gorkie - 2019 Gamer Challenge

11/20/2019 - Jedi Fallen Order

The game was fantastic up until the very lackluster ending which felt empty. Graphics where great, performance on my Ryzen 7 1800x / RX 470 Gaming X was very nice. All in all I would give the game 8/10 only removing 2 points because of that lame ending.

12/23/2019 - PS4 - Horrizon Zero Dawn (Complete Edition)

Fantastic Game, Excellent Graphics, Great Puzzles and great story! 10/10 A must play if you have not!

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I plan on getting to this game. Just need to finish death stranding first. Finally EA made a single player game in the star wars universe. I didn’t think i’d see the day.

I tried a pirate copy to see how is the game. So far it is not for me which is sad because I consider myself a big sw fan. I would have liked a more “jedi academy” kind of fighting, this is too souls like, I am killed even on normal :smiley: Not my style, I don’t know if I will ever continue it.