GTA V Online Pics

Since I am continually posting screenshots from GTA, figured it needed it’s own thread.

Here is my newest customized ride. I love the paint job/livery that I picked for this one.

Looking at this one, somehow I started missing Need for Speed Underground 2. :’(

Is this a mod?

jCARS said in GTA V Online Pics:

Is this a mod?

No, its actually in the regular game. Its the Slamvan truck, with a paint job from Bennie’s Motorworks. Truck only cost me $49,000 but the customization was about $500K. :rofl: :money_with_wings:

Bennie’s is super expensive and only available for certain vehicles, but some of the paint jobs are really cool.

Its also got hydraulics in the pickup bed. I can use the X key and directional keys to make it bounce up and down and do all sorts of tricks. :slight_smile: