GTA5 Online - After hours DLC - Not for Poor fellows

For GTA Online players -
Dont know how many of you play online or are even in my steam :smile:.

The gta5 online dlc dropped 2 days ago with additions of night clubs and return of Gay Tony, Prince of nightclubs helping you in quest to run nightlcubs and activites.

There are 10 nightclubs with price range 1.08 to 5 million(with upgrades).

Benefit of owning night club

  • AI managers to manager your other warehouses like bunker, biker club warehouses, etc., which will auto collect the supplies, you just have to sell them.
  • Dance, alcohol and fun with just 1 DJ for now.
  • club setup missions are content wise rich with cutscenes and story.
  • club missions after initial setup are small and up the reputation so far.
  • new vehicles like DJ bus, mammoth(limo) and other.
  • new clothes added.

For now nightclubs are just central spot for collecting supplies of all business through AI managers of technicians.

Rockstar will add more missions, activities, cars and DJ later, but for now buy nightclub if you can spend and and have the warehouses to manage.

PS - if you are short on money or dont have other businesses( ceo, biker) then dont buy nightclub instead have fun in a friend’s club.

Will update more.

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I’m somewhat surprised that they are putting out DLC that actually has good content. Good on them.

I stopped playing GTA V wayyyyyyyyy back when it first came out.

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I still have no idea what’s GTA Online and what you do with that XD

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