H1Z1 killer

I almost got this last night…almost.

I’m planning to get it on the summer XD

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Looks pretty!

Lots of fun, was looking at For Honor but this cost a lot less. :slight_smile:

2nd game in Duos and we won, so really how hard can it be? :wink:

I highly recommend this if you like fun fps games.

Ub6 You Jerk! For Honorrrrrr!

sYnCroSis it came down to $80 for Honor or $30 for this. Truth be told I should not have bought that either.

Forgive me oh great one! Puh-leeeeze.

Ub6 Rub my feet and I’ll forgive you…

sYnCroSis Only of you bathe them, then get a full pedicure and then bathe them again. No exceptions.

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