Halo Infinite

Just started playing the campaign. I’m running at max settings at 2160p>60. It’s hitting my cpu harder than any other game I’ve played, for an offline fps, it shouldn’t, but whatever.
It’s more halo, just better. Graphically it looks quite good but doesn’t give me the “next gen” feel. I’m having fun so far, will post more later.

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The campaign is classified as DLC? Strange times.

Probably because it came after the multiplayer.

This campaign is really good!


I want to play it with Geran but they are being weird and delayed co-op

I tried an hour of it and it felt boring. I’ll try it again when they put coop in it.

Just beat it an hour or so ago. I completed it in ~40hrs according to steam. I didn’t 100% it, but I did complete all available side objectives before pushing the story forward. For a shooter in a franchise that normally cobbles together the SP as an afterthought…this one actually had effort put in. Recommended!


That’s pretty dang long for an FPS

Indeed. I expected like 5 hours lol