Happy Birthday, Geran!

Our dear, sweet @teh_g has made another trip around the sun.


Itsa me, old man!

Happy Birthday oh King of Gaming Exodus. :crown: :birthday:

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Happy Birthday! All the best. :birthday: :beers:

Happy upgrade :fireworks: :birthday:

Happy increment day, with many more to follow :smiley:

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day with some :cake: :gift: and :video_game:

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Thanks all! Andrew wins for the best gift. Sorry anyone that got me a gift.


That’s a rare gift :slight_smile:

Are you sure you don’t mean Cold War? Clearly it’s better

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

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Were you in cryostasis?

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Happy Belated B-Day my friend!

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Just working working working, and avoiding people. I stop in very regularly for about 15 seconds… then move on to bed getting ready for work again.

Spoken like a true German

Ah but my bloodline is Danish, you know… sweet and good to eat. :smiley:

It was his birthday again but I forgot to say so here. He has too many birthdays. I’ve said happy birthday to him like 5 times this month.

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