Happy Birthday To Jonathan Bills

He is My First GT Buddy and maybe one of the closest one. Have a great day man…have a blast (someone tag him please :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you man. Will be a bit before I can celebrate but will be this weekend. :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Only0neKnight :stuck_out_tongue: Spend the weekend with drinking and gaming, the best combination :smiley:

I forgot that your actual name is actually Jonathan not just Jon LOL
Happy birthday! May your wishes come true. Okay not all but 72% of them.

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Happy increment day :cake: xD

Happy Birthday Mate! Best wishes from somewhere in Germany :slight_smile:

Happy birthdayyyyy

Happy leveling day bro !!!

Only0neKnight Happy B-Day man!!

Happy birthday Jonathan

Happy B-day bro! :cake:

Happy birthday Only0neKnight !