Happy Valentines Day Everyone !!

As i am forever alone, So in this occasion i am wishing everyone here i love ^^ <3 ^^


And to you too, DANTE’s inferno :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this still a thing? :open_mouth:

buttstallion here ? yes!! big time !! problem is its not a great day for singles :3 …but yet ShiftySatchmo made my day <3


dante Awesome, now you can play DMC 2 over and over and over and over and over again, and suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer over and over and over and over again… especially that scary old lady…

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syncrosis i have been waiting to play those two games man…and finally its going to release in pc.finalllllllllllyyyyyyyyy !!!

dante I was joking, 2 is really bad compared to 1, but 3 is awesome.

syncrosis i played 3,4 and DmC a lot…but didnt played 1 and 2…as a dmc fan thats why i was waiting for them to release at pc

dante One is excellent

milkywayman said in Happy Valentines Day Everyone !!:

DANTE’s in

Fun game, I am stuck in a part (First one) but I do enjoy it.

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Spent the day at work, the weather is fugly and I’m hungry. Happy valentines to whoever celebrates the day :thumbs_up_medium-light_skin_tone:

Edit: played dmc until i got distracted. Loved playing it.